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A werehog's mate 2: chapter 6

Shadow's POV

My eyes opened and widened in shock. Blood was dripping from a huge hole in the werebear's head. It's mouth hung open from it's last roar. It's eyes rolled to the back of it's head and fell backwards onto the ground. I shook from the shock and slowly looked into the direction of the shot. I let out a whimper in confusion and shock when I saw who was standing there.

Sonic's POV

My hands shook from the pressure I was putting on the object I was holding. The shotgun that I had used as a quick attempt to save the wolf like hedgehog that was sitting in the snow. I knew that was none other then Shadow. I had know about this all along.
I had been awoken in the middle of the night by a terrifying roar. I looked out through the window of the spare bedroom and saw two things fighting at the farm. Well, fighting wasn't really what you could call it as the smaller one ran for dear life while the bigger one gave chase. One could only be Shadow. But the other one I had never seen before.
I immediatly jumped up and dressed into a pair of jeans and shoes without caring to put on a sweater or even a T-shirt. I had ran into my room and noticed that Jasmine was having a hard time to keep James from leaving the bedroom. They had seen their only son fight that thing aswell and James wanted to help him, but Jasmine couldn't let him out of the room now that he was transformed. No matter how much James' paternal instincts were screaming at him to save their only pup, he couldn't get past his wife and hurt her in the process.
I told them I would take care of it and grabbed the shotgun that I knew they kept in a hidden compartment in the closet in the storage in case of an emergency. I loaded it as I ran outside and followed them to the forest. I had tried a few times to take a shot at the bear like beast, but Shadow had been in the way of the shot.
When Shadow was about to be crushed by the bear's paw is when I finally got a chance to shoot it. I took that opportunity and shot it dead center on the side of it's head. The shot was immediatly fatal as it's huge body fell to the ground and remained motionless.
I allowed myself a breather. Shadow was safe.
I looked at Shadow and saw him sitting there in shock, staring at me.
"are you okay?" I asked. Not that he would  or even could answer. I didn't even know if he could understand me now.
Shadow looked back at the body of the bear. It had turned to it's original form. An average male mobian bear with brown fur that was now being coated in his blood.
I lowered the gun and made my way towards him. I went to my knees next to him and checked for wounds. I was surprised that he allowed me to do so instead of trying to rip me to shreds. I guessed that he recognized me even in that form. He whimpered when I checked his side. He must've either bruised or broken some ribs. I had to look closer onto that later when we were back at his family farm.
"Shadow, if you can understand me, then stand up and walk back to your family's farm with me." I said, even though I still wasn't sure if he could understand me.
I grabbed his hand or paw, i don't know what to call that limb of his now, and pulled him up. He didn't seem to be able to stand upright for a long period of time on his two legs like this. I pulled him along back to his home. We walked to the edge of the forest.
I shivered as my winter pelt, that wasn't as nearly as thick as Shadow's was now, wasn't warm enough to protect me from the cold and the harsh wind as we walked back to his home on the farm. I partially regretted not bringing along a jacket, or anything  to wear for my upper body at all, but I mostly didn't regret it. If I had wasted anymore time on dressing up, then I might not have been able to save him in time.
I tried to ignore the cold, but it wasn't so easy. Shadow noticed that I was having a hard time and looked at me with a questioning look in his eyes.
"I'm fine, don't worry." I reassured him, after which he turned to look in front of him again. Guess he still understood me. Nice!
Once we arrived back at the farm, after retrieving Shadow's discarded clothes, I wasted no time in rushing inside and letting the warmth of the house warm my cold body. Shadow quickly followed me inside. As we got into the livingroom, I noticed why it was warm inside. Shadow's mother had moved herself to the livingroom and started a fire in the hearth. She must've gotten her husband under control if she was here and not upstairs with him.
"Oh, thank god you're okay!" Jasmine said as she captured her son in a tight hug, obviously not fazed by his nightly form. Shadow, who was still in his right mind, returned the hug.
"Are you both unharmed?" She as she looked me over. Shadow could only shake his head as his right side was killing him. Jasmine looked at me for an explanation.
"He got hit pretty bad. I think that needs to be looked at in the morning." I explained as I remember that werebear dealing him quite a hard blow.
Jasmine sighed. She knew something like that was going to happen.
"The two of you should go and get to bed." She said as she gently pushed Shadow in the direction of the hallway, trying to coax him to go. Shadow followed her orders of course, but first dared to take a peek in his parents' bedroom to check up on his father before going to bed.
I stored the shotgun safely back in its original place before continuing to the guest bedroom. I dropped down on the bed, kicked my shoes off and let sleep take me over.

The next morning the mood was alot lighter than the night before. I came downstairs to find the family of three sitting at the breakfast table. Both father and son now in their normal mobian form. Although, Shadow would never really look 'normal'.
"Ah, good morning, Sonic! I hope you had a nice sleep!" Jasmine said as she noticed me enter the kitchen with a smile, which seemed to startled Shadow. I had expected him to greet me too, but he seemed a little reluctant. The orange juice he was sipping from suddenly seemed much more interesting.
"I slept just fine, thanks!" I replied and sat down next to James. Opposite to me sat Shadow while his mother sat opposite to James. The latter seemed a bit grumpy today, but that was most likely to blame on last night.
Full fledged Lycanthropes couldn't remember everything that happened during their transformation, but if it was anything out of the odinairy, they would still be bothered by that feeling in the back of their mind that they should be aware of something that might've happened during their transformed state. James was most likely suffering from that now.
"We heard through Shadow what happened last night. I had a feeling it might've been someone like us, but I never would've thought that it was one of the news reporters who visited every single time we had an attack. I knew there was something off about that guy." Shadow's father said, muttering that last sentence.
"Shadow also told us what you did. It was a bit risky running around with my shotgun, but thanks for saving him." He added, a tired smile evident on his muzzle. His wife seemed even more grateful.
"No problem! I couldn't just stand by and let him hurt Shadow. Something's been bothering me, though. What's up with Shadow's transformed state?" I asked before taking a gulp from my own glass.
I knew what a real werehog was supposed to look like as my mother, Aleena The Hedgehog, was one. And let me tell you, she wasn't as nearly as nice as James was. A werehog's instinct could become stronger, especially during their transformed states. This meant that my mom's maternal instincts were at their strongest during the night. Mom's overprotection could've been considered normal if she didn't become agressive to others.
Shadow looked at me for the first time this morning.
"You know about it?" He asked in surprise.
"He doesn't know?" I asked James and Jasmine, surprised to find out that Shadow was surprised I knew.
"We haven't really gotten around to tell him everything." James explained.
"There's more than the whole 'my bloodline is cursed and my kids will have it too'-thing?" Shadow asked, upon which his parents nodded.
"Just like us, Sonic is a descendant of our ancestors, Sonic and Shadow. The two of you were named after them." Jasmine explained to her son.
"So.. We're related?" Shadow asked. He was dissapointed to hear this.
"Very, very distantly, yes." His father answered.
That answer made Shadow smile a little. After centuries of our family spreading and spreading, these 'cursed genes' were the only thing we shared.
"Well, honey, now that you're done with your breakfast, do you mind taking Shadow to the doctor?" Jasmine asked her husband. Taking Shadow to the doctor today? Guess he really did get hurt last night.
"Mind if I take him?" I suggested. There's a bus stop right in front of the clinic. Just a short walk to the bus stop, one bus ride and we're already there! It really was no problem to take him there myself.
"Sure! That gives us more time to spend on the farm." James and Jasmine agreed, after which Shadow and I quickly dressed up against the cold and left.
:iconwolfsonic602: has brought my attention back to my story 'A Werehog's Mate' the sequel. I decided to re-read it and found myself working on the chapters I have already posted. I have added links in the decription to the previous and next chapters. I have also added extra content in the chapters! For those who still remember the story well could notice the change the most in the third and fifth chapter of the story!
I am also working on chapter six as we speak!
I've been on a Zelda frenzy lately and that has been getting a 'little' in the way of writing Sonadow fanfics. (But don't worry, I'm not leaving the fandom! So there will be stories in the future!) And I've been wanting to draw Link.
And that's what I did.
Only I drew him with glasses!
And I posted it on Tumblr!
Why? Just because I wasn't sure where to upload it and that site seemed like a good choice. ;u;
I do have to say, it didn't came out as bad as I had thought it would be!
I gave him glasses. ;u;
I wondered what he would look like with glasses and he actually doesn't look all that bad!…
Also, he was somewhat based on TP Link. :3
Alot of people will follow the original order of Forest, Fire, Water, etc temples.
And if you can name the horse, most people will just call it Epona. Even if it's a male.
I sure as hell would. XD
:iconwolfsonic602: has brought my attention back to my story 'A Werehog's Mate' the sequel. I decided to re-read it and found myself working on the chapters I have already posted. I have added links in the decription to the previous and next chapters. I have also added extra content in the chapters! For those who still remember the story well could notice the change the most in the third and fifth chapter of the story!
I am also working on chapter six as we speak!



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