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accidents happen: chapter 35

Shadow's POV

The next day we had begun to work on the baby room. Sonic prevented me from doing any hard work, so i mostly ended up painting and decorating, while he did the rest and some of the painting aswell since he didn't want me to get on a ladder.
We had used our only guestroom for this. We had kept everything as neutral as possible we didn't know the gender of our child because we wanted to keep it a surprise for ourselves.
After nearly a month we were finally finished. We could've finished sooner, but Eggman had decided to act up. So whenever Sonic had to leave, i ended up staying alone at home as Tails had to go with him aswell.
I didn't mind so much as i would be of no help at the moment. And not to mention all the extra stress it will put on my body. But in the future when the kid was already here and i would be usefull again, i would still be forced to stay out of battle. After all, somebody needs to look after the pup when his daddy and uncle were out fighting evil.
And this was one of those days. I was sitting on the couch. Sonic and Tails had just left and i was following their battle on a news channel. I didn't really have anything else to do. The baby room was already finished, so there was no work to be done. And we had dinner not to long before they had left, so there was no need to prepare a warm meal for us.
All that was left to do was to wait for their return and watch their progress in the mean time. It could be pretty boring since the outcome was pretty obvious. I would be surprised or even shocked beyond believe it would turn out diffirently. But the chance of that happening was practically zero.
I smiled when Sonic came into view once more. Once he noticed that the camera was pointed towards him, He smiled and winked at the screen, as if knowing that i was watching, before turning his attention back to the robot.
The fight lasted another half an hour before Eggman had finally decided to give up on trying to take over the world for now and returned back to one of his many bases. Sonic made sure that Tails was okay before running back home. The news reporter tried to get closer to my mate to ask him about the battle and if i was really pregnant and if the child was really his, but he was gone to fast for the reporter to even as much as utter a word.
I turned the tv off as i got up from the couch. I quickly made my way over to the front door and opened it. The house was pretty isolated from the rest and the city was therefore quite a while away, even by car, but it still took Sonic only a moment or two before he arrived back home. Tails wasn't to far behind with the tornado.
"Sonic." I said as a simple greeting. "I'm back." Sonic said. One of his hands moved and came to rest on my swollen belly. The unborn kicked against his palm as if greeting him aswell. He couldn't but smile at the feeling. He went to his knees in front of me and placed his other hand on my belly aswell. "Hey there! I've missed you to. I hope you were good in there while i was gone." He said jockingly. I chuckled lightly at his odd behaviour.
"I've missed you to." I said and pulled him up. Sonic smiled back at me and leant down to kiss me. I returned it without a second thought. He gently pushed me backwards inside, i was carefull not to trip over the doorstep, before closing the front door without even bothering to pull away from the kiss.
One of his hands moved from my belly to my butt and massaged it. I pulled away to moan softly. Sonic's other hand rested on my jaw and pulled my lips back and thrusted his tongue inside. "Hmm?!" I hummed in surprise when his tongue had suddenly invaded.
Sonic pushed me against the wall as our tongues battled for dominance. His hand went a bit lower to my thighs. He suddenly pulled away from passionate kissing and went to tease my neck instead.
"S-Sonic...." I muttered as his hand, that was previously resting on my jaw, moved to my lower back and kept my body close to his while also being carefull with our unborn. I started to pant lightly from the attention i was recieving. "I thought i was the one with the cravings." I teased back when i felt just how needy Sonic had become. I know that it had been seven months already, but i would've never have thought that he wanted to get intimate with me while i was still pregnant.
We were getting so into it, we had never heard the front door opening and closing. It wasn't untill someone purposely cleared their throat as loud as they could that we noticed them. Sonic pulled away from my neck and both of us looked at the person that had just joined us.
"Listen, i know that adults can have certain needs, but couldn't you have taken this to the bedroom?" Tails said jokingly and laughed a little at his own joke. Sonic pulled away almost immediatly. We both looked away as we were a bit embarrassed about being caught by an 8 year old when we were about to do it.
Tails laughed once more. "You don't have to hold yourself back for me. I'm smart enough to know where babies come from! I'll just go ahead and work in my workshop. I won't hear a thing!" He said before walking past us and to his workshop.
Sonic turned back to me and rubbed the back of his neck. I looked down to the ground and rested my hands on my belly. An awkward tension hung in the air after this rather embarrassing moment.
"So, how's your tail been doing?" Sonic asked after a while of silence. He wanted to try and soften the tension. "It's fine. It hasn't been hurting for a long time." I said and kept my gaze down. "Ah, good." My mate answered. "I should probably start on our dinner." He muttered and walked away, leaving me in the hallway. I couldn't keep a small laugh from escaping my throat at his somewhat funny behaviour.
I followed him into the kitchen and decided to help him prepare our last meal of the day. Usually it was either me or him who prepared it, but sometimes we did it together. It went much faster this way. Not to mention it was much more fun aswell.
Tails helped us by setting up the table after he noticed that Sonic and i were cooking in the kitchen. We could quickly start eating. We had been talking during our meal. Tails had been teasing us some more. Sonic tried not to say anything embarrassing, while i tried to ignore him. I swear that kitsune hangs to much around Sonic!
I have to admit, i didn't mind it so much. I don't know if it was just the hormones, but our evening was much more interesting than usual. Even though, we hadn't managed to get some intimacy in our relationship, i knew that it would only take a little while before Sonic would try again. And maybe next time Tails wouldn't be here to catch us in the act.
accidents happen: chapter 34

Shadow's POV

The next day both me and Sonic had gone to the shopping disctrict of the city. We had planned on shopping a bit so we could start on the baby room tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Sonic had taken us to the shopping district. It wasn't so clever to travel like this. Well, not anymore with the baby on the way. Although he didn't show it, i knew that Sonic internally complained about my gain in weight as it was getting harder to run while carrying me. I understood him, but unfortunatly, my hormones did not allow me to.
"Where do you think we should go first?" I asked as we walked down the sidewalk in the shopping district. "I have no idea." Sonic answered as he looked around for a shop that sold any kind of baby stuff. "What about here?" He asked and walked with a fastened space towards a store called "BabyBoom." I approached it and gazed through the display window of the store. The window showed baby clothing, invitations to baby showers, toys, the list went on and on. "Should we check inside?" I asked. "I don't see why not." My mate said and took my hand before leading me inside.
We entered through the front door and looked around. The building wasn't exactly the biggest building around and it wasn't the busiest one either. "Sonic, look here." I said as i noticed the baby clothing. I took a blue one piece pajama with, coincidentally, the words "Litte Ultimate" written on it and showed it to my mate. "Cute." He simply said and smiled. I turned it around so the front was facing me and looked at it.
"Like what you see?" A female voice asked. Both Sonic and i jumped upon hearing the voice and turned to face the owner of the voice. It was the shopkeeper of this store. An elderly human woman stood there smilling at us. I was the first to wake up from my shock and watched the shopkeeper that had come to join us. "A little." I answered. The elderly woman smiled and approached us. "If you like it that much than you should get it." She smiled. "I don't know." I muttered and looked back at the small outfit that i was holding. "We came here to buy stuff for the baby so why don't you go ahead and take it?" Sonic asked. "Fine then. Let's take it." I decided before searching for other stuff that we needed for the baby.
It took us a few hours, but we had gotten most of the stuff we needed. A crib, clothes, bottles,... We could start on the baby room first thing tomorrow. We weren't going to start on it today. We had decided that it was enough for today. Well, Sonic decided that I had done enough for today.
As soon as we had gotten back home and got our stuff home with the help of Rouge and her car. Once Sonic had brought us home. The two mobians took everything to the baby room. I tried to help as much as i could, but Sonic didn't allow me. Probably because i had been complaining about my back, hips and feet lately.
"Thank you for helping us. We really appreciate it." I told Rouge after everything was brought upstairs. "No problem, hun! You can call me anytime you need me!" Rouge said and briefly gave me a hug. "Now, take good care of yourself, okay?" She requested after she pulled away and placed her hands on my swollen belly. "I will. Don't worry." I answered. "And you make sure that you spoil him, okay?" She teased my cobalt mate. Sonic couldn't help but chuckle. "Of course i will." He said.
Rouge smiled happily. "I'll be seeing the two of you later. Bye!" She said and slightly waved at us as she walked to her car. "Bye." I said as i waved back. "See ya later!" Sonic stated as Rouge got in her car and soon drove off.
Sonic turned to me when Rouge's car wasn't in sight anymore. I turned back to him. "Is something wrong?" I asked in concern. "No, nothing is wrong. I was just wondering if you're okay." Sonic asked. He was probably reffering to my aching lower body and broken tail. "I don't want to complain, but my body does hurt a bit." I answered honestly. "Do you want to rest for a bit?" He asked. "No, i'll be fine." I said.
"Shadow." Sonic sighed. "What?" I said with slight annoyence. His hand moved and came to rest on my lower back. "I'm worried. You pushed yourself to much for my liking. I want you to go upstairs and rest." He said. His eyes showed concern. I must really be worrying him if he got this worked up over it.
"Fine. I'll go upstairs and rest, okay?" I said to reassure him. "Yeah, thank you." Sonic answered with a smile. I smiled back before placing my hands on his waist, leaning upwards and placing a brief kiss on his lips. "You'll call me down for dinner, right?" I asked after pulling away from our small loving gesture. "Of course i will." Sonic promised me. I smiled and let go of him as i walked up the stairs. Sonic's eyes followed me all the way untill i had to turn the corner and out of sight.
Once upstairs, i held myself up against the wall and placed my other hand on my lower back. I sighed and resumed my walk to our bedroom. I walked inside and carefully sat down on my side of the bed.
I kicked my shoes off and somehow got rid of my pants and shirt, so i was only wearing my boxers. My ears lowered a little as i looked down at the slight swelling in my chest that suspiciously looked like breasts. Sonic was surprised when he saw the unexpected change when we were showering when i was about 5 months far.
I know we shouldn't be to surprised. As an hermaphrodite i needed a natural way to feed my pups like female mobians could. I was glad when doctor Burggens had told me they would surely dissapear again when i was done feeding the baby this way.
That was another thing that i could look forward to when my pregnancy was finally over. Not only was i finally going to see our child, i was also going to have my old body back. No more aching back, hips or feet. No more big belly that prevented me from even seeing my own two feet.
Don't get me wrong. I didn't hate being pregnant, in fact i loved the feeling of our unborn moving around in me, but it was just taking way to long for my liking.
The first three months were exciting. The next three months were wonderfull! How can it not be when this is the period in which you can physically see your child growing and feel the first kicks? But after the sixth month, you start to wonder just how much bigger your belly can get and if your back can hold it out untill the ninth month.
So it clearly wasn't because i hated this whole progress. And besides, despites the downsides to this, there were still quite a few ups. Especially if your mate was the kind of guy to spoil you when you carried his child.
I smiled at the thought of him as i stroked through the fur on my belly. Despites the small mistakes he made, they were nothing compared to all the love he had shown me.
I carefully laid down on the bed and turned on my side after covering myself with the blanket. I snuggled into the pillow and closed my eyes. A nap to make time pass by faster untill Sonic had finished dinner shouldn't hurt. So i closed my eyes and relaxed. It took a while, but after the kicking had ceased a little, i was finally able to fall asleep.
accidents happen: chapter 33

Shadow's POV

I groaned as i tried to sit down on the bed. It was not only the weight on my back that bothered me, it was also my broken tail that was giving me a hard time. I winced as the matrass gave in beneath my weight and put pressure on the injured appendage. I pulled my shoes and socks off before carefully lying down on my side. I breathed out deeply and snuggled into my pillow. "Who knew being pregnant was so much trouble." I muttered to myself and closed my eyes.
I was about to doze off when a sudden kick to my ribcage shocked me wide awake. I sat up and stroked my belly to try and calm them down. I laid back down and snuggled back into pillow. I was about to doze off again, when another kick woke me up. "What is it with you keeping me awake?! A kick to my ribs hurt, you know!" I growled and laid a hand on my lowest ribs. I winced. That hurt like hell! I really hope this doesn't mean that i have a broken rib to go along with that tail.
"I guess i won't be sleeping this evening." I muttered and sat up against the bed board. I winced and lifted my hips up from the bed when a jolt of pain shot through my nerves. I laid down on my side and propped my head up with my hand. I tapped with my other hand on the matrass as i though about something to help me pass time. I sat up on my hands and knees and reached for the nightstand on my side of the bed. I opened the top drawer and pulled out a book. I closed the drawer and laid back down. I opened the book on the page that i was last left on and used the bookmark to read.
'Damn Sonic's hyper genes." I growled mentally and stroked my belly. The baby kept kicking up a storm. He didn't give me a break. I didn't get enough time to recover from the constant kicking before another few came. There were so many kicks that i was starting to think that i was having more than one. Sonic was already suspecting it, but i had never thought of it before today. I guess that i was a bit big for being six months far of just one child. But than again. You had mother who were having four kids and they would hardly look pregnant. Or maybe i was giving the baby way to much to eat, i don't know. But if i was having more than one baby, than i know for sure that i will having one heck of a hard time pushing them all out.
After a while i got tired of reading. I closed the book and placed it on the nightstand. I snuggled into the pillow and released a tired sigh from my lips. My heavy eyes closed. I really wanted to sleep. And now that the baby had calmed down i could finally make it happen. I was dozing off again. I smiled as piece filled my mind when i slowly fell asleep. "Shadow?! Dinner is ready!" Tails called from downstairs. Tails became a bit worried when he didn't hear me answer. "Shadow?!" He called again and once again recieved no answer. He carefully and cautiously walked up the stairs. He made sure not to make a sound as he wanted to check up on me.
"Shadow?" The kitsune called and looked around when he had reached the top of the stairs. He approached my and Sonic's bedroom and took hold of the door knob. He took a deep breath and turned the knob and opened it. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw me lying on the bed sleeping. Worry vanished from his mind as he saw the reason for me not being able to answer.
He sat down on my side of the bed and shook my shoulder. "Shadow? Shadow, dinner is ready." Tails said and lightly shook my shoulder. "Hmmm?" I hummed and slowly woke up. "Shadow?" Tails tried again. "What is it, Tails?" I asked after recognizing his voice. "Dinner is ready." He said and took his hand back. "Dinner? Okay i'll be there." I said and allowed my body and mind to take the time to wake up. Tails waited for me to get up from the bed and followed me down the stairs and into the kitchen.
"Rested enough?" Sonic asked when i sat down on my seat at the table. I was about to answer, but a yawn cut me off before i could. "That tell me all i needed to know." He said and sat down opposite to me. Tails sat down between us and dug into his food. "It's good." I complimented as i ate. "Thanks." Sonic muttered as he was close to finishing his dinner. Running wasn't the only thing he used his incredible speed for. "No problem." I said after swallowing a mouthfull.
A soft clatter of utensils and plates was heard as they were put into the dishwasher. I sat back down on my chair and so did Sonic. Tails, after getting rid of his dishes, quickly made his way back to his workshop as he was eager to work on his latest invention. What it was called and what it's purpose was, was unknown to both me and Sonic as the kitsune only released a tiny bit of information when his invention was finished.
"Now, the baby room." Sonic started. "I think that it's a bit risky to be thinking about it. We don't even know what gender it will be." I said, but Sonic didn't seem to agree with my reasoning. "A bit risky? Shadow, waiting untill the baby is finally here is to risky. We can work on the baby room without knowing the gender. We can pick neutral baby stuff or stuff for both boys and girls." He said. He was, without a doubt, reffering to the possibility of me having more than one cub. "I guess..." I muttered. "Shadow, it's better that we work on it now. In fact, we are beginning on it pretty late." He reasoned. I gave it a thought.
"Yeah, you're right. it's time that we begin on it." I said. "Great! We'll use the guest room!" He decided. We had no other choice. The guestroom was the only room not being used. Well, not if there wasn't anyone staying over, that is. "When should we start?" I asked. "We? Shadow, i don't want to hurt your feelings, but you aren't really fit for redecorating a whole room." Sonic said. I knew that he meant good, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt. "I see." I said as my ears drooped to show my dislike. "Shadow, i really don't mean to hurt you and i know that you don't like to hear this, but you're in a pretty fragile position right now." He said. "I guess." I muttered more to myself than to Sonic. I guess i wasn't going to be off use in redecorating my own kid's baby room.
accidents happen: chapter 32

Sonic's POV

I slowed from running down to walking as i saw our house appearing up ahead. Shadow tried to walk on his own, but my grip on him didn't allow it. So he just settled on staying in my arms and waited for me to loosen my hold on him. "We're here." I said and helped him stand as i lowered him on the porch. Shadow opened the front door and walked inside. "Tails?! We're home!" He yelled and looked around. We heard footsteps coming from the workshop in the garage and the kitsune soon turned up in the doorway.
"Sonic! Shadow! You're back!" Tails said and smiled. "How did it go?" He asked. His gaze moving from me to Shadow and back. "Just a broken tail. Nothing serious." Shadow said. He left the part of him possibly becoming stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of his life after birth out. "That sounds painfull." Tails said and his ears bent back just a little bit. A worried expression was visible as he saw right through Shadow's lie, but he didn't talk any further about it. He was probably going to ask me about it later on. Probably as soon as we were alone.
Shadow walked through the livingroom and into the kitchen while at the same time telling us that he would start on dinner. My stomache growled as if on cue and Tails laughed at the coincidence. "I'm going to help Shadow." I muttered and shrugged the slight embarrassement away as i made my way to the kitchen. Tails' laughs stopped and he swiftly took my wrist. I looked at him in confusion and surprise of such a hard grip. "What's wrong with Shadow? He didn't tell me the whole story." The kitsune said. "It's nothing." I said and tried to get my wrist back. It was easy to pull myself free, but Tails got his grip back around it even faster than i had gotten it lose.
"Tell me." He said with an unusual serious expression and tone in his voice. I wasn't sure if i should tell him what the doctor said. I didn't want to have him worry about Shadow and his child, since he would be his uncle, but i didn't want to hide anything from him either. "It's nothing." I repeated and pulled my wrist free again. "You have to tell me! I promise i won't get worked up over it!" Tails tried to convince me. I sighed. "You really want to know so badly?" I asked and turned to him. He nodded quickly.
"You might want to take a seat." I said and Tails dropped down on the couch. "Shadow's broken tail, might cause complications after the birth." I said. His ears flattened in worry as i spoke. "What do you mean?" He asked and almost whined. "There is a possibility that he could end up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life after the kid is born." I explained. Tails was shocked by the news to say the least. His eyes were widened and his mouth a little agape.
"And what about the baby? Will it be okay?" Tails asked after the shock wore off a little. "The doctor didn't say anything about the baby. So i assume it will be okay." I said. The kitsune's lips pressed firmly onto eachother and his eyes narrowed in worry and sadness as he looked down to the floor. I sat down on the couch next to him and wrapped an arm around his shoulder. "Hey, i promise you that i will make sure that both of them are gonna be just fine. You'll see that the baby will be healthy and that Shadow will be okay." I said to try and encourage him a little. Tails wasn't so convinced. "You can't promise that." He said and took me completely by surprise. "Hero of Mobius or not. Not even you can stop something like that from happening." The kitsune said softly. He got up from the couch and walked back to his workshop.
I was taken back by his response. It was so out of character. So unlike him. Since when had he lost his trust in me? My hand slowly lowered to rest on the couch as i stared at the door that Tails had gone through. "Sonic?" Shadow asked as he peeked with his head around the corner and found me sitting there, staring in front of me. I woke up from my shocked trance and looked at him. "Are you okay?" He asked. "I'll be fine. And besides, i'm supposed to ask you that." I said while getting up from the couch and walking over to him. "Are you sure? You look like you've seen a ghost." He said and placed a hand on my cheek. I was looking a bit pale to him. I don't think you can actually see a diffirence since the collor of my fur, except for the blue part, was naturally pale.
"I'm just fine." I ensured him and smiled to back up my point. Shadow returned it and i took it as a sign that i was off the hook. So i slipped past him and resumed the dinner that Shadow had started. I kept thinking about what Tails had said. He was right. And it had only been just now that i realised it. I was busy cutting the vegetables when i felt Shadow's head rest on my shoulder and his arms wrap around my arm. I looked at him. I can't imagine him sitting in a wheelchair with a baby in his arms or a young child sitting on his lap. With someone like Shadow, one of the most strongest hedgehogs to ever walk this planet, it was pretty much unimaginable. But here he was. Only three months away from becoming permanently paralized.
I smiled at him and put down the knife i used to cut the vegetables. I kissed him on top of his head while placing my hand on his belly and rubbed it. "Why don't you go upstairs and rest a bit?" I suggested. "I guess i am a bit tired." Shadow sighed tiredly. "Than go right ahead. I'll worry about dinner." I said. "Thank you." He said and briefly kissed me before letting go of me and made his way to our bedroom. I moved my gaze to look out of the window in front of me that looked out to the backyard and contemplated a while about this matter. "I hope to God that i have not condemned him for life." I sighed as took the knife again and resumed cutting up the vegetables.
accidents happen: chapter 31

Sonic's POV

"Paralized?" Shadow slowly asked after a few moments of silence as he recovered from the shock. "I would've suggested an abortion before that happened, but you're already to far into your pregnancy." The doctor said. "I would never do that to my child either way! Even if i'll become paralized. I can't do that to him." Shadow said and looked down. He was looking forward to seeing his child in three months, but parenthood didn't seem so inviting anymore if you had to raise your child in a wheelchair. My ears flattened in sadness. I wrapped my arm around his shoulder while my other hand went to his lap and held his. "It'll be okay." I whispered to him and rubbed my muzzle against his. Shadow did the same.
"What do we do for now?" Shadow asked. "For now all you can do is prevent sitting or lying on your tail. I can't put a cast on it so most of it is up to you. You should return in six months for a check up." The doctor said and stood up from his chair. "It was pleasant having you two for a visit. The bill will be send through the mail." The human said as we got up from our chair. "I'll see you again in six weeks." He said and shook our hands. "See ya." I said and followed Shadow out of the room.
The walk home was quiet. Neither of us said a thing. We didn't know what to say as the news was still sinking in. We had decided to take a short cut through the park. I had been gone long enough and it was about time that i got back home. I can't lie, i am pretty concerned that Tails might be hurt or something. "We better get home quickly." I muttered to no one in particular as we followed the dirt path. I almost didn't notice Shadow coming to a halt as i walked on. "Shadow?" I called for him as i stopped and turned to look at him. His ears were still flat and his lips were formed in a frown. His arms were wrapped around his belly as he looked down on it.
"Shadow?" I repeated and watched him in concern. "Do you really think i'll become paralized?" The said hedgehog asked without taking his gaze off of his arms and belly. I approached him. Shadow looked up to me as i did. "I honestly don't know." I said and he looked down at his belly again. "But you don't have to worry about that. You're the ultimate lifeform, right? I'm sure that Gerald has covered that part of your creation aswell." I said and rubbed both of his upper arms as i tried to comfort him. "I hope your right." He said and laid his head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and laid my head on his.
"Sonic? Shadow? Is that you?!" We heard someone say. Shadow pulled away from our hug and looked over his shoulder and watched as Amy approached us. Following close behind were Cream and her mother, Vanilla. My arms fell back to my side as Shadow moved to stand next to me. "How're you doing?!" Amy asked and stood still in front of us. "We're just fine." Shadow lied.
"Oh mister Shadow! It's true! You and mister Sonic really are going to have a baby!" Cream chirped enthousiasticly as she skipped over to us. "Can i touch you belly?" She asked, but didn't even give him time to answer before reaching upwards and placed both of her hands and her head on his belly. "I can feel it! It's so cute!" She chirped and looked up to the unborn's mother. "I know, i can feel it all day and night long." Shadow said with a sigh. His ears lowered a bit as a sign off irritation.
Vanilla joined us and greeted us with a smile. "Sonic, Shadow, i've heard of the baby. Congratsulations to you both." The motherly rabbit said. "Thank you." Both of us stated simultaneously. "So what are your plans for the future?" She asked. Shadow and i looked at eachother. We hadn't really thought about that. We did have plans for the baby room, but that was as far as we had gotten. Vanilla laughed a little as we looked down slightly in shame. "Don't worry about it. I didn't think it through when i had Cream and we're doing just fine." She said smilling.
"I guess you're right. It's better not to worry about small matters. What's important now is our baby and that's what we need to focus on." Shadow said and smiled at me. I returned the smile as knew that he wasn't talking about our lack of plans for the future. He was talking about what might happen after the birth of our first and possibly last child. "Come on, we should go home. I'm worried about Tails and it's getting cold." I said. "We should. Cream, Vanilla, Amy, i'll see you later." Shadow said as he walked into the direction of our home and waved as he did so. I told them goodbye aswell and followed. "Bye mister Sonic and Shadow." Cream chirped and waved at us.
"Feeling better?" I asked as we walked away from the trio of girls. "I'll be just fine." Shadow said and shot me a small genuine smile. I returned it. I was glad to see that his worries were gone. Atleast for now. "Let's go home." I said. "I'll race ya!" The pregger said and walked, practically skipped, a few paces faster. I smirked and ran after him. I wrapped one arm around his shoulder and one around his calfs and lifted him up in bridal style. "Sonic!" Shadow yelped in surprise. "Hang on tight." I said as i picked up the pace. I grinned as i felt him hang onto me for dear life. I looked down at Shadow for a moment and saw him smile. Everything was going to be okay. I know it will.
Accidents Happen: Chapter 31
Regretfully, by the end of the story I had completely forgotten about the injured tail. So yeah, you'll hear nothing of it in future chapters. XD

On the Attack on Titan: Tribute Game. XD
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Good, good. :b 
What've you been up to these days?
SonadowStories Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015
Just writing. You?
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binditheskunk Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
want to talk ? been a while since we have 
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