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Freshman: Chapter 8

Shadow's POV

After a visit to the nurse's office it didn't take long for me to return to the gym with Amy at my side. My shirt was still tainted with blood, so I was offered a spare one, which smelled suspiciously sweaty. There were a few people who asked me if I was alright, but I convinced them that I was just fine. Sure my nose, no, the whole front of my muzzle was sore, but it went easily ignored.
"You look better without all that blood on your face, but I don't think your shirt was much of an upgrade." Sonic stated as he, once again, sat next to me on the sidelines. He obviously picked up the horrendous smell, mobians had a much more sensitive sense of smell compared to humans, and he couldn't help but tease me about it.
"Oh shut up, there weren't alot of alternatives." I replied, crossing my arms in front of my chest. This shirt was making me feel uncomfortable. It had been used by countless of people and I don't think they actually went through the trouble of regularly washing these spare uniforms.
When I get home, the first thing I'm going to do is jump into the shower and scrub my chest fur clean.
"But seriously now, what're you gonna do about Scourge." Sonic asked, knowing that I wasn't just going to let this go. That green jerk hadn't just kicked my face in with a stupid football, but he had also manhandled my pride. No one touched my pride and got away with it!
Not unharmed atleast.
"Hmpf!" I huffed as I looked toward the green hedgehog still playing football. The bastard was having the time of his life ever since he kicked that ball in my face.
Sonic knew he wasn't getting an answer out of me and decided to watch the football match instead. I don't think he wanted to know either, because I knew exactly how to get even with Scourge.
Atleast twenty minutes before the last bell would ring I had another chance to partake in a last game of volleyball. In ten minutes we would start to tidy up the place before retreating to the locker rooms to change into our normal clothes and go home when the bell does ring. Ten minutes is what I had to get back at Scourge and ten minutes is all I need.
The minutes ticked by, but I did finally get my turn to serve. My classmates didn't trust me when I took the ball because of how bad of an aim my right arm had with this sport, for some reason the teacher didn't allow me to use my left, but I could make it work to my advantage. I had only one shot at this, so I hope luck was on my side too.
I waited for the right moment, threw the ball into the air, raised my arm and hit it with as much force I could muster, despites this not being the right form of serving in volleyball.
Several people gasped when Scourge landed on the ground with a harsh thud and a shout of pain and shock, his back receiving most of the impact while his face ached after being used as a target for my weapon of choice to hit.
I looked at the hedgehog on the floor groaning as he held his own nose and felt satisfied, my hands resting on my hips. Knowing how terrible I was at serving, no one but Sonic, Tails and Amy knew that was on purpose.
"What the hell is your problem?!" Scourge yelled at me he crawled back up on his feet and glared at me, blood running down his nose.
Okay, so Scourge was another person who figured out that wasn't an accident.
"Scourge, calm down, I'm sure it was just an accident." His gym teacher tried to calm him down, but to no avail. The green hedgehog stormed off towards the infirmary like the teacher told him to, pissed that I dare to take revenge.
After tidying the place up, we retreated to the locker room and changed back into our usual clothing. Chaos, was I relieved to wear my own clothes instead of that spare gym shirt that hadn't been washed in Chaos only knows how long ago.
I still plan on taking a shower when I get home, though. I might be rid of it now, but I still feel like I just can't be clean without scrubbing all the invisible filth off first.
The last bell rang and we were free to go home.
I left through the black gate of the school and decided to sit and wait on a nearby bench as I noticed Rouge wasn't here yet. I'd Chaos Control home, but I don't want to risk getting punished for something as trivial as using my powers to go home.
I can be patient. So why risk getting myself punished when I can simply wait for my ride to come. And I don't think Rouge will take a long time.
Someone sat down on the bench with me.
"So how did getting even with Scourge feel?" Sonic asked, obviously not in a hurry to get home.
"It was satisfying." I answered, the kitsune Sonic lives with joining us on the bench.
"Scourge looked pretty angry, though. Was it really such a good idea to get back at him?" Tails asked, dropping his backpack in front of his feet. The thing had a keychain with two furry tails similar to his own.
"Affirmative." I simply answered.
Tails frowned, not really happy with my answer. He didn't think it was all that smart to go look for trouble with Scourge. But it was the green hedgehog who started it, I simply responded in the manner I saw fit. And since he nearly broke my nose with a ball, I decided to return the favour.
The sudden honking of a car drew our attention and we could see a white stylish car parked in the parking lot of the school. It was Rouge. Just like I had expected it didn't take her long to arrive.
"I have to go, my ride is here. I'll see you two next monday in school." I told the hedgehog and the kitsune goodbye as I stood up from the bench and walked towards the car. I was just about to pull on the handle when Sonic called my name. So I turned around to face him.
"I was wondering if you felt like doing something this weekend." He asked, seemingly a bit nervous for some reason. That was unlike him. Sonic wasn't the kind of person to get nervous so easily. I guess he was in a hurry to get home?
"I was actually going to do my homework during the weekend so I can relax and waste my time reading tonight, but sure I think I can come by tomorrow. Do you have anything special in mind?" I asked.
Rouge was without a doubt waiting for me to get in, but she was being surprisingly patient. She just got off work, so she should be pretty hungry right now. Not to mention that I was considerably hungry myself.
"Not really." He replied.
"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow." I told him, after which I pulled the door open and sat down in the passenger seat.
As Sonic walked back to Tails and told him it was time to go home, I fastened my seatbelt and Rouge did quite an unpleasant discovery.
"What's that on your face?!" She asked, her arms crossing in front of her in disapproval.
I kind of had a hard time looking at her, like a child being scolded. Of course I should've expected some sort of reaction from her. My black fur might hide the bruising, but the tan fur on my muzzle certainly doesn't. The area around my nose was all black and blue.
I actually found myself contemplating weither or not I should tell her the truth.
"Remember when Scourge threatened me?" I asked.
Rouge's jaw dropped slightly in disbelieve. Of course she knew of the threat because I told her the day I was threatened. But because the days and even weeks passed by and nothing happened, she had actually believed him to be quite a pansy. All bark but no bite.
"Yes, I was surprised too, but he did make his threat come true." I said.
"And how exactly? Did he punch you? Or kick you? It looks more like he kicked you." The bat stated as she took a closer look at the big bruise.
"Close enough, but he didn't exactly kick me. During gym he was playing football with his class and he apparently thought it was a great opportunity. So he kicked a ball in my face." I explained, the urge to rub my painful nose rose up, but I had to refuse if I didn't want a jolt of pain to make my nose ache even more.
"He did?! What did you do? Did you tell a teacher?" Rouge asked.
"Yeah, I told a teacher." I answered, shifting uncomfortably in the passenger seat.
"You're lying, Shadow. Your ears always give you away." She said with a sigh. She'd rather not have me get in trouble. Especially not in school or at work. She might've been quite the troublemaker back in her days of school, but somehow she was dissapointed when I got in trouble.
And yes, it were always my ears that gave me away. Well, almost always. Whenever I lied, either my voice would rise higher in tone or my ears would twitch in a way that just screamed that they wanted to lie down in guilt, but couldn't really do it either.
"Okay, I didn't tell a teacher. I slammed a volleyball in his face. But it's okay. Nearly everyone thought it was a simple coincidental accident because of how terrible I am at volleyball." I tried to reassure her, but it didn't work in the least.
"Sonic, Amy, Tails and Scourge know it was on purpose."
Rouge huffed, clearly dissapointed in me. She had hoped I'd make the wise decision of telling a teacher instead of playing vigilante.
She turned the key in the ignition and the engine roared to life. I looked out of the window and saw that Sonic and Tails were no longer there as the car pulled out of the parking and drove onto the road with the intent of bringing us home.
Freshman: Chapter 8
The strange thing is, while I wrote this chapter, my nose actually felt like it was hurting!

Next: Coming soon
Seriously guys! I see it pop up everywere and I have no idea what it means!
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Freshman: Chapter 7

Shadow's POV

The weeks passed and I seemed to have an easier time fitting in at school now. There was still much I didn't understand about Sonic's generation, but that was hardly my concern. I focused on my classes and hanging out with Sonic, Amy and Tails. The latter being a direct order from Rouge, who seemed convinced that I needed her to be more than just a friend now that I was in high school.
Scourge seemed to have left me alone for now. It's been a few weeks since his threat, which I told Rouge about and she swiftly responded that I should kick his ass and show him why I'm called The Ultimate Lifeform, and the green hedgehog had yet to act upon it. I would've been confused had it not been for Sonic's constant presence.
And it's not an understatement. When not in class I seem to be unable to shake him from my side. I had a feeling he was taking Scourge's threat to heart, which is stupid. I mean, I have showed him I am more than capable of defending myself.
Either way, it had been peaceful for atleast a month now.
But now that February had arrived, things took a less peaceful turn.
It's been a very rainy week so far. Monday, rain. Tuesday, rain. Wednesday, rain. Thursday, rain. And friday, you guessed, rain.
"ugh, this weather sucks." Amy complained as we sat in class, her gaze refusing to move from the dreary sight the window gave us.
"I agree, it could've been better." I agreed as I read through my notes for this class, Economy.
We were granted a five minute break as always in between two hours of the same class and since we were expecting a test about the past lectures, I decided to use these extra few minutes to study.
"I can't wait until summer finally arrives. No, scratch that, I'd be happy with just spring." Amy continued, sighing as her head rested on her hand. She should be studying as this wasn't one of her best classes, but she apparently thought complaining about the rainy weather was a better idea.
"Shouldn't you be studying?" I asked, glancing at her.
Amy shook her head absentmindedly, obviously not paying as much attention to the now as she should.
I looked back at my notes and resumed my last repetition. I didn't get to read them for much longer as the teacher, a beaver of somewhere in his thirties, came walking back in and declared that it was time for the test. So we put our notes and textbooks away and waited for our copy. Well, most of us did. There were those, Amy being among them, who quickly took their books and tried a last second check up before the teacher barked at them, yelling that it was much too late to study now, and gave us our tests.
It wasn't all that difficult. My memory was pretty good so I didn't have a difficult time answering the questions. But the only one capable of judging how good I did on the test was the teacher. So for now I could only assume I did a good job.
Now that class was over, lunch break had arrived. Amy and I left the classroom for the canteen, the former a little more enthousiastic than the latter. On the way the pink hedgehog fired question after question about the test, interrogating me for the answers.
I tried to ignore and avoid them to the best of my ability, but Amy wasn't so willing to accept my excuses of 'not remembering the question' or 'forgetting what kind of answer I had written'. Her answer to each of my pathetic excuses was that the Ultimate Lifeform was too ultimate to forget.
She only let the matter go when we arrived at our destination.
"Ah, finally lunch!" Amy chirped happily as we walked into the cafeteria. She immediatly ran to stand in line and I followed her shortly, my eyes scanning the area to look for Sonic and Tails, but it didn't seem like they were here yet.
Someone tapped me on my shoulder.
I looked behind me to see Sonic standing behind me with a smile, greeting me with a friendly 'hey'. Of course he wasn't going to take so long to get here. Students never took their time getting to the canteen. Some practically even raced to be here.
"So how was Economy? You had that big test coming up, right?" Sonic asked as he stood in line behind me, Tails standing not far behind him.
"It went without a hitch for me. Amy, however, doesn't seem so sure that she did a good job on it." I answered, turning halfway to look at him. It was only natural he knew about the test we had today, although it wasn't as big of a deal as he was led to believe. Amy's been complaining about failing it ever since the teacher told us about it last week.
"No surprise there! Amy hates that class." Sonic replied, the two of us inching forward in the line.
"If you think that's bad, you should see her during Math." I stated as I took a tray and some utensils and got what's on the menu for today's lunch before making my way to the table Amy saved for us.
Lunch was nice as always. And just like always, we talked about trivial stuff. How classes went, rumors we heard and things we might be up to in the nearing weekend. People were vocal as usual, but that didn't bother me as much now that I was a little used to it. Having a table to share with just the three only people I knew and trusted helped alot with that too.
"Huh, Shadow? Scourge is staring at you again." Tails told me as he noticed the green hedgehog staring at us from the corner of his eye. Well, more like stared at me in particular.
That's right. Weeks ago he had threatened me, stating that he was going to make my life hell on this school if I were to keep hanging around Sonic. I had completely forgotten about that. All Scourge's fault, though. As serious as he tried to get that threat across, he had not made a single move to back it up.
"He looks pretty pissed too." Amy added as she sneaked a glance at his table. Sonic frowned at her statement, but she was right. Scourge did look pretty pissed and the way he kept glancing at me didn't really help.
I decided to ignore him. Scourge was all talk, nothing to worry over.
We finished our meal and the bell rang. We had to go back to class.

After the two hours of music came two hours of gym, our last class of the week. We were all in the gym. Sonic, Tails, Amy and I. Our classes had gym together along with this one other class.
It was during gym that I had discovered that Tails wasn't the only familiar face in Sonic's class. Scourge and Fiona were part of that too. I guess that must be partially responsible for why Sonic dislikes going to class.
One thing I had learned about besides the uniforms we had to wear for gym, a white shirt with the school's logo and red shorts, was that Scourge was a troublemaker. Especially if he felt that Fiona was at stake. And frankly, he seemed to think that all the time.
I can't fathom how it's possible for this Fiona to have such a dominant boyfriend. I wouldn't be able to work with a boyfriend like that. Or a girlfriend for that matter.
Anyway, it was a very large gym. Large enough to allow each class more than enough room to do their own thing. My class had volleyball as their activity for today, Sonic's class had soccer and the third class had basketball I believe.
But playing was something neither Sonic or I were doing. We were sitting on the bench and watching our classmates play. We were one of the reserves and had to wait for our turn.
"Finally a class I don't have to sit still in and what do I have to do? Stay on stand-by." Sonic sighed as he crossed his arms and leant back against the wall behind us.
The hedgehog next to me had never been the one able to sit still for long. He was one for action. He wanted to go out and do something. Sitting around doing nothing was absolutely terrible to him. And the fact he was so energetic didn't exactly help either.
"Be glad you don't have to play volleyball. That sport is absolutely terrible." I replied, my left hand nursing my much less dominant right wrist. I, myself, wasn't one to sit still either, but I didn't let it bother me as much. And besides, I had only just returned from replacing a girl in the game.
"What's that? A volleyball got the better of the Ultimate Lifeform?" Sonic teased, smirking lightly as he noticed me nursing a possibly very sore limb.
"Oh, shut up, Hedgehog. My body isn't used to playing this sport. It's natural for my arm to hurt. Especially if it's not my dominant one! Besides, I've seen more action than you today." I retorted, still rubbing a very sensitive wrist. I wasn't lying, though. My body was trained for military purposes, not for volleyball.
"I'd take that as a good comeback if I hadn't seen you fail miserably at it." He smirked, obviously feeling much less bothered now that he had me to tease.
"I wasn't failing miserably!" I replied as I sat up straight and faced him.
"Oh, you totally were! You kept hitting the ball out of the field! Word of advice, if it's your turn to serve, it's best to serve the ball in the direction of the court and not away from it." He 'advised' me, chuckling as I punched his arm.
"I hate you so much sometimes!" I told him, which only served to worsen his amusement.
"Only sometimes, huh? What about the other times?" He asked, catching me off guard.
"Sonic! You're up!" Some guy from the hedgehog's class called him and tossed him the ball, indirectly saving my ass.
Sonic caught the ball with ease and jumped up from the bench, eager to do something other than sit around and do nothing.
I was glad to be left alone for a moment. And then Amy plopped down next to me.
"Ah, volleyball. Never liked that sport." She said, the red sore skin standing out under her light coloured fur.
"Well, it's not like they gave us much of a choice." I responded and faced the volleyball game again.
"I've been watching you and Sonic, you know." Amy suddenly said, making me look at her. What has she decided to bring up?
"I'm not stupid, you know. I'm mature enough to understand that Sonic doesn't see anything in me. And although that makes me a little sad, I'd rather see him together with you instead of that-"
I didn't get to hear the end of her statement as I suddenly got a ball launched to my face, making my head hit the wall behind me. Thankfully my quills got most of my head's impact with the brick surface.
"Oh my gosh, Shadow!" Amy yelped in shocked as her hands covered her mouth, jumping up from the bench.
I hunched forward a little as my hands covered my face, the whole area aching. Damn. How can a stupid ball hurt so much?!
"Shadow, are you okay?" Sonic asked in genuine concern as he kneeled in front of me. So did the teacher as he tried to pull my hands away to get a look.
Most of Amy and my classmates gathered around to look, like they had just seen a car crash happen in front of them. So humiliating.
"It's nothing, I'm perfectly fine." I tried to convince them, but they didn't buy it, especially not Sonic. And blood dripping out of my nose and staining the white shirt I wore didn't back my statement up either.
"That's bleeding pretty serious. I think you may need to pay the nurse a visit." The teacher stated as the blood just kept coming out, making my tan muzzle turn a dark red.
"No, I don't need to go. All I need is a tissue for my nose." I protested as I held my nose, trying to stop the bleeding.
"Shadow." Sonic said in my name in this dissaproving way. He wanted me to leave too. Even if it was just to get me away from here.
So I listened and went to the infirmary, Amy tagging along since they apparently believed I might need a buddy to accompany me. Not that I would've found the way to the infirmary on my own. Believe it or not, I'm still learning the layout of the school.
"What happened?" The nurse, a strict-looking older woman, asked as she gestured for me to sit down on one of the few beds in this room.
This infirmary looked like what you'd expect one to look like. Beds, an office in a seperate room, examination table, counters, cabinets and drawers filled with medical necessaries. Similar to a hospital room. Just without the chemical smell and all the devices.
"Nothing serious. Just got a ball to the face during gym." I answered the nurse's question as she gave me something to hold against my nose, which by now had made an absolute mess of my shirt.
"Just got a ball to your face?! That wasn't an accident, Shadow! Scourge kicked that ball into your face on purpose!" Amy shouted, furious with the alleged attack.
I looked at her in surprise.
So Scourge was the one who did this?
I guess he wasn't all talk, after all.
Seriously guys! I see it pop up everywere and I have no idea what it means!
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