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Freshman: Chapter 5

Shadow's POV

As I left the black, metal gates myself, I couldn't help but feel a little happy with myself.
I had just finished my very first day at high school.
The sudden honking of a car pulled me out of my thoughts and drew my attention. As I turned my head to look in that direction, I was in for quite a surprise.
"Rouge... What is this?" I asked as I leant foward to look inside of the open window at the passenger side of what seems to be a car.
"Isn't it obvious? It's a car!" The bat behind the wheel answered as she shot me a smile. She seemed to happy to be possible.
"I noticed, but why?" I asked.
"Well, I have a driver's license, but I never got to use it with your Chaos Control. So I thought 'Hey! Shadow isn't allowed to use Chaos Control until he gets out of school, so why don't I finally get that car I've wanted!' It sounded like a good idea then and it still sounds like a good idea now!" Rouge explained, still as happy and as proud to have bought her own first car, but I wasn't as convinced as she was.
I pulled the door of the passenger's side open and got inside, pulling it closed after me and clicking the seatbelt in place, placing my bag in front of my feet. As Rouge started the engine, a sudden question popped into my mind.
"Will you be taking me from and to school with your car from now on?" I asked as I looked over to the driver of the car as she turned to drive out of her parking spot, she was still as happy as could be.
"Yes, of course! I think it adds this extra element while you're at school. Don't you think so?" She asked.
"I don't know." I answered as I didn't really see how being brought to school with a car could bring this extra element that she spoke off.
Although, it was my first time ever riding along with a car. Usually I just use Chaos Control or my hover skates to get around, the latter now sadly lost and the former now prohibited. Still, I could've just walked home. Unlike a certain blue speedster I know, I actually enjoyed taking long walks.
Not so surprisingly, it didn't take all that long for Rouge to pull the car into her driveway, shutting the engine off once she was satisfied. I undid the seatbelt and grabbed my bag before leaving the car to get inside the house. Rouge followed me inside the house swiftly after locking her car up.
"So? How was your first day? You haven't said a thing about it during the whole ride home!" She asked as we entered the living area and I let myself drop down on the couch after getting myself something to drink from the kitchen. Rouge followed me on the couch swiftly, only a little more lady-like.
"If you're wondering if I made friends or not, I'm sorry, but I'll have to dissapoint you. I stayed with Amy all day and spend my breaks with Sonic and Tails." I felt like I had to apologise for just a little bit as Rouge had hoped that I would come home with a new friend or two. Of all the things she had talked to me about related to school, most of our conversations revolved around being sociable and making friends to hang out with in and outside of school.
"Oh well, atleast you have Sonic, Tails and Amy, right?" She responded with a smile, still visibly dissapointed as she would've liked to hear me tell about all the new friends I made today.
I took a sip from my drink, a deep frown plastered on my face. I guess a part of me didn't understand why she was so secretly upset with my lack of friends. It was only my first day, maybe I would make one tomorrow or a few weeks from now? Although, I think it was more likely that I would keep it with Amy, Tails and Sonic. I wasn't a social person, so the chances of me becoming friends with a complete stranger while I was much too comfortable hanging around by myself or the people I already cared about was slim to none.
Rouge found it a little upsetting, though.
"I think it's about time I start on our dinner." The bat I had been thinking about not even a moment ago began to speak again, breaking the silence currently dominating the room. She lend back against the couch, not in the least bit bothered by the presence of her wings.
"What do you feel like eating?" She asked, apparently not really having an idea herself.
"I don't know. Any suggestions?" I answered her question with another question.
"Well, this is a problem because I wanted to make something you like to, you know, celebrate your first day at school." She admitted, to which I answered with a raised eyebrow.
"Isn't that what they do for little kids whenever they've done something worth praising?" I asked.
When Rouge answered with a quick nod, I looked at her through half-lidded eyes with a look that evidently said 'seriously?', unimpressed by her apparent want to treat me like a child.
"Hey, I'm just teasing you, hun! I made up my mind about dinner hours ago!" She told me before getting up from the couch and leaving for the kitchen, presumably to start on our dinner.
I guess Rouge sort off had the right to treat me like a child seeing as I still am one. Technically. I was only fifteen, apparently, while she was twenty. And although that was just an age difference of five years, as an adult it was in Rouge's 'right' to treat me according to my age. Even if it was through teasing.
Didn't mean I had to like it, though.
I finished my drink before standing up to follow my housemate to the kitchen to aid her with the preparation of our meal, leaving my glass on the table.

"Well now, are you going to make your first homework soon?" Rouge asked sometime after our dinner.
The two of us were busy washing the filthy dishes by hand, I washed them and Rouge dried, since our dishwasher had abandoned us a couple of days earlier. I personally didn't mind so much, but the bat next to me found it absolutely annoying.
"Of course, I was planning on doing it as soon as we're done here." I replied as I started on the last cooking pot.
"Oh, good. Do you want me to check it afterwards?" She suggested with her usual teasing smile on her tan muzzle.
"I'm pretty sure I'll be just fine, Rouge." I turned her suggestion down, knowing that it was obviously another one of her teases.
I finished up the cooking pot and handed it to her and drained the water in the sink before continuing to clean it from any remaining of foam or any leftovers that might've stayed. The feeling of soaked food was horrendous, but my want for cleanliness was bigger. And I wore rubber gloves.
Once everything was clean and put back into its original place, I walked into the hallway to quickly pick my bag up where I had left it upon entering the house and made my way upstairs to my room, knowing that I would have an easier time making my homework in the safety and comfort of my room.
As soon as the door closed behind me, I approached my desk and sat down, dropping the shoulder bag next to the piece of furniture. I pulled my assignment from today out of my bag and began to work.
My assignments were from math and history. They were due to next week, but I decided to do them today. That way I wouldn't have to worry about them in case I forgot about them until the very last moment.
It wasn't difficult to make my homework. After a short while of work, I was already finished.
I turned to gaze at the alarm clock next to my bed and noticed that it was also 7pm. The time that remained I decided to use to reread all that I had learned in class today. It seemed like a good idea, I just know that it will make it easier for me when exams arrived.
Speaking of exams, what was so horrible about them anyway? Well, Rouge told me they were absolutely horrendous, but they were just a bunch of tests, right?
I packed all of my stuff back up after I was done with my homework.
"Now what?" I muttered to myself as I leant back in my seat.
What was I to do now? Homework was done, my bag was ready for tomorrow. As sad as it was, I couldn't think of anything else to do at the moment. And the clock told me it was nearly 8pm.
'I guess I could find a movie to watch.' I thought as I folded my laptop, which I had gotten after saving up some money from work, open and turned it on. Once that it was done starting up, I clicked twice on the internet icon and began my search for a suitable movie.
It took me a while, but I found something that seemed moderately interesting to me. Although, later on it turned out this movie really wasn't anything special. Or worth my time in general. When the credits rolled by, I clicked it away and sighed. I wasted two hours of my life on it. And even though I'm pretty much immortal, those two hours were still precious time I lost.
I didn't get much time to mourn the lost time as Rouge came into my room.
"Shadow, hun, you do realise it's 10 pm, right? It's way past your bed-time!" She stated. I would've thought the smile on her muzzle genuine if she wasn't teasing me again.
"Oh, give it a rest, Rouge!" I snapped a little, becoming quite annoyed with her teasing.
Rouge seemed a bit taken back by it, but quickly composed herself again.
"Okay, I may be going a bit overboard with all of the teasing, but you seriously need to go to sleep now, it's past midnight already and I remember you falling asleep in our office our during our briefing whenever you didn't go to bed before midnight. School is not as exciting as our job, which is all the more of a reason to fall asleep." She advised me and I followed, turning my laptop off and standing up from my seat to stretch my back and arms.
"You're right, I should be getting some sleep instead of browsing the internet trying to find something to entertain me. I should get into something more comfortable to sleep in. Good night?" I said, trying to get her to leave so I could change.
"Oh, of course! But first, you left your cellphone downstairs and for the first time it buzzed away on the table as if you got a text message or something. Imagine that! You! a text message! Maybe you have made friends, after all!" Rouge took the hint and left, but not before giving me my phone.
I looked in my hand and flipped it open. As the screen lighted up, a text notification told me I had received a message, just like Rouge had said, but it also told me it came from an unknown number. Not all that strange since literally the only numbers I had saved in my phone was Rouge's and Abraham.
The latter insisted that Rouge and I stay closely in touch with his secretary in case I were to get into some sort of trouble, but I managed to force his number out of him because I found it stupid to give his secretary even more work than necessary. And it may have also been another way of getting back at him for sending me away.
Now that I think back to it, I guess Rouge is right. I really can be childish and annoying.
But that was besides the point.
What was really suspicious was that this stranger had somehow gotten his or her hands on my number. And unless there wasn't a good reason for this, I didn't trust this one bit.
'It was nice seeing you in school today! Good night, F! ;)'
F? Faker? Was Sonic the one who got his claws on my number? How? Why? Or more importantly, why he did he use 'F' instead of 'Faker'? Which was already a short name to begin with!
Yeah, I think that I was more bothered by it than I should be.
Well, either way, I guess I can question Sonic about it at it school tomorrow.
Freshman: Chapter 5
Remember in the previous chapter how I wrote Shadow as a lefty because I always thought of him as one instead of a righty? Well, turns out Shadow really is a lefty! On both gameplay and artwork of Shadow the Hedgehog he's seen using his gun in his left hand, which could mean he's either a lefty or ambidextrous!
Also, have you guys noticed how hard it is to have plot ideas for high school stories other than a developing romance between Sonic and Shadow?

Solar Eclipse and Belgium won't see a thing of it! It's too cloudy! ;_;
  • Mood: Gloomy

Not really, but still... I was just lazing my way around the internet today when my mouse decided to kerplode! I nearly didn't scream my lungs. Nearly... Anyway, turns out one of the batteries inside decided to abandon me and popped, making this incredibly loud 'bang' noise and making me thank the heavens above that I still had my right hand!

Yeah, I know. I do possess the urge to overreact.

  • Mood: Bewildered
Solar Eclipse and Belgium won't see a thing of it! It's too cloudy! ;_;
  • Mood: Gloomy



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