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Freshman: Chapter 6

Shadow's POV

"Uh... Yeah, I did send that." Sonic replied as he leant a bit to the side so he could look at me directly instead of having my cellphone practically shoved into his face to show him the text message I had received, which was quite rude I have to admit.
But than again, my social skill was less than acceptable as Rouge has noted several times.
I pulled the phone back so I could look at the screen again. I glared at the 'F'. If looks could kill, I'm sure my phone would've exploded by now.
Sonic continued to stare at me in question. He didn't very much appreciate having my phone shoved in his face, but he was more concerned for the reason behind shoving it in his face.
"Mind telling me what got you so worked up?" He asked. Of course, he wouldn't understand.
"The F. Faker, fine. But just the F? It's sounds... Nevermind." I sighed and put my phone away in my pocket. I didn't want to talk about it anymore.
"No, tell me!" Sonic insisted, but I already walked away. I felt stupid for even bringing it up. My reason for thinking badly about it was stupid. No use complaining about it.
I left the school courtyard and entered the building. If I remember the times when the bell rings correctly, than it wouldn't take long for class to begin again. So I decided to have a head start. Two hours of French was what I had now to start the day off. So I returned to our main classroom like the schedule told me to.

Two hours of French, one hour of biology and one hour of history later, lunchbreak had arrived. With what little I knew of the layout of this school I still managed to find the cafeteria and without Amy dragging me to it.
Second day and I can already find my way around. Somewhat. Well, enough to find my way to the cafeteria and classrooms I knew so far. Which actually wasn't alot compared to the overall size of this building. Especially not compared to the whole estate.
Either way, my second day of school was going smooth.
"Hey, new guy!"
Of course, I spoke too soon.
I grunted as I was pushed up against the wall and pinned there. It was that green hedgehog Sonic, Tails and Amy had warned me about yesterday.
"Shadow, right? What's up with messing with my chick?" He asked, one hand had my jacket, my blouse and some of my chest fur in a harsh grip. The chest fur part was what hurt the most. If you have ever gotten your hair or some other hairy part pulled on, you know that it stings quite a bit.
"Scourge, I assume? Listen, I don't know your 'chick' personally. Whatever she must've told you is a lie." I answered rather annoyed. I didn't exactly appreciate being held up against the wall like this.
"A lie? No, you listen here. I'm the one who decides what's the truth or not. And the truth is that you're messing with my girl by being around that blue bastard. So I'll give you a choice. Either you stay away from Sonic, or I'll make sure you regret ever coming to this school." Scourge growled as he pushed me up harder against the wall, getting uncomfortably close to me. He was obviously pissed off with me for whatever ridiculous reason his 'chick' had given him.
I just glared at him in dismay for the lack of a better answer, growling. I felt my dominant left hand heating up, a familiar tingling sensation I felt whenever I wanted to use a Chaos Spear.
"Shadow!" Sonic rounded the corner, dropping any papers in his hands aswell as the backpack he wore upon seeing Scourge pin me up against the wall. He charged forward towards my assailant and ripped him away from me.
"What the heck's going on here?!" Sonic shouted as he stood in between me and Scourge, obviously angry with him for trying to harm me, just shy from growling at him.
"Nothing that concerns you." Scourge growled back in dismay, not liking how this blue bastard had interrupted him and stopped him from using his fists to cultivate my face a little.
"I'll leave for now, but remember what I said, Stripes. Otherwise this is far from over." The green hedgehog threatened before leaving for the cafeteria.
"Stripes." I huffed at the nickname as I glared at him until he was finally out of sight before relaxing and straightening out my clothes. My chest still stung from having my tuft of fur pulled on like that.
"Are you okay?" Sonic asked, turning his attention back to me now that Scourge was gone.
"Yes, I'm fine." I reassured him, not as grateful as the hedgehog would've hoped.
"Although, I could've handled him just fine." I added, making sure that Sonic knew he shouldn't have wasted his time on me. I was for from being in trouble. I'm pretty sure Scourge couldn't have stood a chance against me.
"You could've handled him? Are you sure? You were about to throw a Chaos Spear at his sorry ass. Last time I checked, you're not allowed to use any kind of Chaos Control until you get out of school. I know a forming Chaos Spear when I see one. Chaos only knows how many you've thrown at me in the past." Sonic responded, digging his hands in the pockets of his jeans instead of picking up his stuff, which was still littered all over the floor.
"Wha-... How do you know that?!" I shouted, surprised. The only ones who knew that were me, Rouge, the Commander and the school's principal. Sonic wasn't supposed to know.
"Doesn't matter. What matters now is that we go get something to eat. I'm starving!" He replied, approaching his mess and tidying it up, gathering his papers and stuffing them in his backpack before swinging it over his shoulder and walking towards the cafeteria, expecting me to follow.
"Hedgehog." I spoke my nickname for him in a demanding tone, crossing my arms in front of my chest. I wanted to know.
Sonic sighed lightly and turned back to me, knowing I wasn't going to let it go.
"Rouge told me. She knows that you using your Chaos Energy in your defense is more natural to you than punching someone in the face. So she asked me to make sure you didn't use your Chaos abilities at all." He explained, telling me that Rouge just wanted him to look out for me when she couldn't.
I brows furrowed at his response. I thought going to high school was all about learning! How am I supposed to learn to be independent when Rouge gives me my own personal bodyguard?!
"And I'm guessing she gave you my phone number aswell?" I asked, demanding to know an answer for that question aswell.
"Yeah, she did." Sonic replied, a frown plastered on his face. He would've rather not tell me something that Rouge made him promise to keep secret, but he knew I wasn't going to leave the matter alone until I knew the truth. And he figured I was going to figure it out anyway.
I huffed in anger and approached the cafeteria door, but before I could touch the handle, Sonic was the one to stop me this time.
"Since I came clean, I'd appreciate it if you did too. What was up with this morning? You've been avoiding me all day and I have no idea why!" The hedgehog asked, standing in between me and the door.
I sighed, albeit more annoyed when Sonic sighed earlier.
He wanted to know why I was so angry about reading him call me just 'F-' instead of his usual Faker. And so he put me in the same position I had forced him into. We both knew he was easily as stubborn as I was. If not more! Just like I wasn't going to let the matter rest, he wasn't going either. I could save myself alot of trouble by telling him.
"It sounds condescending to me, Hedgehog! It's... reminiscent of when I was just called 'Project' or 'V4.5' or just 'UL'. Like I'm just not worthy of a full name. I know it sounds stupid, but-"
"No, that's not stupid at all! I understand that you feel that way, Shad. I know your time at the Ark wasn't easy. I'm sorry for offending you." Sonic apologised, which actually felt really good. Especially since he seemed genuine about it.
"It's fine." I replied and looked the other way. I don't think I can remember anyone who could be so genuine when apologising. Well, no one except for... Well, Maria.
The hedgehog chuckled. Apparently something was amusing to him.
"Well, look at that! Day two and we're already opening up to eachother! Shadz, I have a feeling our friendship is going to be great and learning experience for both of us." He joked as he placed a hand on my shoulder, apparently he found himself to be really funny..
"I'm sure it's going to be." I simply responded, not as amused as he would've wanted and moved past him to open the door. But Sonic beat me to it as he grabbed the handle and held the door open for me. I was somewhat appreciative of the gesture and thanked him as I passed him by, after which the two of us searched for the table Amy and Tails had taken before getting in line for something to eat.
When a week passed, one thing I had noticed was the fact that Sonic had stopped calling me 'Faker' completely.
Freshman: Chapter 6
I said I was going to finish the next chapter of this story before writing 'Who Knew' chapter 47. So there you have it.
Now I'm gonna go sleep. It's 23:25 here. XD

Next: Coming Soon
Yeah, you read that right. In America Sonic Boom is on hiatus! Again! Apparently it's supposed to be this summer hiatus, but seriously, this is the second hiatus in just one season! 26 episodes of less than 15 minutes per episode and already a second hiatus!
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Who knew: chapter 46

Sonic's POV

I woke up in the morning, but stayed deep under the covers, unable to bring myself to get up. I didn't want to be anywhere else. It's not like I had any other plans today anyway. None except for...
Except for the funeral.
My chest tightened up as my mind drifted towards the event taking place later today. I could still hardly believe it. Today a week ago Shadow had passed away.
Shadow. The Ultimate Lifeform. I can still see his lifeless body lying there in that bed whenever I close my eyes. The body that had given birth to me, that had granted me a second chance at life just days before its demise. It had yet to even recover from the difficult ordeal. And now... He was just...
I had just seen him the day before. He looked fine. Tired, but fine. I wanted to visit him, talk about things, see how he's been, know what he went through, know what the future might bring for us.
Now there won't be an 'us' anymore. Now it's just me.
My phone rang and I picked the thing up, noticing that the screen told me I had been called and texted several times. They were from my friends who wanted to check up on me. Tails, Rotor, Bunny, even Antoine and Knuckles. Alot of these were from Rouge too. The bat apparently saw it her job to look after me now that her best friend was gone. She believed I still needed someone.
With a sigh I sat up in my bed, getting up to get dressed after taking a look at the digital clock. The funeral was already in half an hour. If I didn't get ready now I was sure to be late. So I got dressed in the clothes specially bought for this occasion, on Rouge's advice, and took a quick trip to the bathroom before leaving for the funeral, not feeling like eating at all.
The funeral home was much further away from my home than the hospital and took alot longer to get there, but I didn't feel like running all the way.
I arrived at the funeral home and noticed that Tails and Rouge were already there, waiting for me.
"Hey guys." I greeted them, pretending that I wasn't feeling like absolute crap.
"Hi, Sonic." Tails greeted me, still not really knowing how to act around me. Should he pretend to be strong and act like the bravest on around or should he show what he really felt, something that I refused to do?
"Hey, hun, how're you doing today?" Rouge asked, trying her best to fake a smile, although we all knew she was even more of a wreck than I was.
"I'm fine." I lied and looked the other way, showing that I didn't want to elaborate on the matter. Instead I looked towards the building. The service for the burial took place here too. They had their own chapel here aswell.
It was a nice place.
Sally and I had been here just a day after Shadow had passed away. Yeah, Sally. She may have had a grudge against Shadow for some reason people didn't really know, but she promised to make sure Shadow had the funeral he deserved. It was my sake, she told me at the time.
The last time we had been here was for this last greeting. The emloyees would put the deceased on display and give their friends and relatives a last chance to say goodbye.
I could hardly bring myself to look at him. It wasn't right. Shadow survived a damn fall from space! He shouldn't be lying there. He shouldn't be having a service. He shouldn't be buried! It's not right!
"Sonic?" Tails called my name, grabbing the sleeve of my suit. He was looking up to me with a bit of nervousness evident in his expression. I made myself relax, not able to remember when my body tensed so painfully like this. My claws had even almost broken through the skin because of my clenching fists.
"I'm fine." I told him, looking around as I noticed that I wasn't outside anymore. We were in the chapel waiting for the service to begin. How did I get here? I can't remember walking here. And I can't remember Knuckles Amy and several other people arriving either. I must've been really lost in thought.
The chapel looked nice. The typical chairs, alter and all sorts of other things were present. The casket was present too, presented nicely in front of the alter just for this service.
I decided to leave my friends for now and approached the wooden cofin. It was open to display the deceased to the living. I was a little too apprehensive to look, but I did get myself to get over it and look inside.
When people look at their late family or friends, they always tell you about how peaceful they look. But that wasn't what I saw. He looked relaxed, sure, but he still wore his usual frown. The one that told you he would love to smile, but simply had no reason to.
He didn't look peaceful to me at all. He was cold too. The funeral home workers had done a great job at dressing him up nicely and keeping his fur and quills neat, we had always known Shadow as one to take great care of himself, but they could hardly do anything to stop him from looking so.... Well.... Dead.
I looked at him and all I could think about was how unfair this was. Why did Shadow lose his life? He's done nothing but good. He had even made it possible for me to live again. Sure, he had a minor slip up in the beginning with the Ark, but he knows that was wrong and made up for it. He should've had a long, happy life.
"Sonic... You're making that face again." Sally stated as she took my hand into her own, making me look back down at her. Her lips formed a small smile in an attempt to lift my spirits, but it wasn't as succesful as she would've hoped.
"Sorry." I apologised and looked back at the hedgehog lying in the casket in front of us.
Sally did too.
"He looks peaceful, doesn't he." She said, her eyes glued to the still form aswell. I didn't respond, not at all agreeing with her statement.
Sally noticed that she wasn't receiving a response and looked down, a sorrowful expression worn on her face.
"Let's go back to your friends." She said as she pulled me back towards the small group of people still gathering at the entrance.
It was almost time for the service to begin.

The service was nice, respectful and long, as they typically were. Not alot of people were present. Just me, Rouge, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Cream and her mother and Sally. That was everyone who had taken the time to attend.
King Elias wanted to come, but he was much too busy with trying to come up with ways of keeping his people calm and protected, especially after Eggman's attack months ago as tension was still much too high. His wife had come along with their child, but he was unable to attend.
All in all, we were the only ones attending this last ceremony.
After an hour and a half long service came the actual burial. It was sorrowful and gloomy. The sun was shining and it was hot for the time of the year, but it didn't help the mood at all.
Rouge tried to keep herself strong, but at the cemetery she broke down, unable to hold herself back for much longer. Knuckles was there for her, although the echidna had never been known to be the comforting type.
I didn't make a move towards her, no attempts at comforting the only person Shadow was truly close with. I felt envious of her. I never got to know Shadow personally. But after what he had gone through for me, I wanted that close bond to exist. Both for his sake and mine. Now that I would never get that chance, I felt envious of Shadow's only close friend.
I could only stare at the coffin as they lowered it down in the ground to put an end to this funeral. It still felt so unreal and the sight of the dark wooden casket dissapearing in the ground did little to help. My feelings about how wrong this felt only grew with every inch it came closer to touching the ground below. I had to try my best to not give into the urge to jump in there with it, rip the cover open and try to resuscitate the deceased hedgehog and beg and plead him to wake up.
But I kept the urge down succesfully. And when the coffin touched the dirt at the bottom of the hole, I could only regret the decision not to try. Somehow I couldn't help but feel like this was the worst decision I could ever make.
The employees from the funeral home took a moment and waited until we were on our way out of the cemetery before they got to work, each taking a shovel to bury the casket in six feet of dirt.
Sally was pulling me along to the entrance, a large black gate, and I followed her, putting up little resistance, but at the same time I could only look back the way we came, sincerely hoping that I would wake up already and discover that this was just a really long and bad nightmare all along and I would wake up in a chair next to Shadow's bed and hear him ask if I was okay.
But as the hours passed and I arrived home late at night after finally being able to convince my friends to leave me alone, I closed the door behind me and leant with my back against it. Suddenly extremely exhausted as I realised that was never going to happen.
Who knew: chapter 45

Sonic's POV

I felt better knowing now that Shadow was just fine and resting in the hospital in the again instead of running around with a coma-dazed mind. I left the building with an eased heart and met with Rouge on the way home, the bat having just left the hospital herself.
"So how're you feeling now, hun?" Rouge asked as we walked down the sidewalk. Her tone was gentle and soft instead of her usual flirty and challenging tone of voice.
It wasn't just a customary question. She really wanted to know how I felt now that I knew the truth about Shadow. Well, the partial truth actually. I have a feeling there was alot more than me dying and Shadow bringing me back to life through the miracle of child birth.
"I think I'm doing pretty okay after finding out that I was killed during my last fight with Eggman and that my rival, who has attempted to kill me in the past, is now my dear mother." I replied with a much more sarcastic tone than I had originally intended.
"So not good at all?" She asked, easily detecting my sarcasm.
I shrugged, looking down at my feet for a moment before looking back at the bat walking next to me.
"Not really. I mean, I am doing alright. But I think that's only because I know that there is something even worse that I don't know about." I said, this time leaving my sarcasm behind me.
"I can understand it must've been quite a shock. I know it was for Shadow when he was asked to bring you back to life. But he agreed to it. Even though they didn't impregnate him in the most dignified way." Rouge replied, trying to hide the disdain in her voice.
I picked it up with ease. 'Didn't impregnate him in the most dignified way'? What did she mean by that?
"What do you mean?" I asked, actually fearing what the answer might be. Shadow was my mom as I was quickly getting used to that idea. I wasn't such a fan of people hurting or degrading the person who brought me into this world.
Rouge stayed silent instead of answering my question. She wasn't sure if she should tell me.
Was it really that bad?
"Come on, Rouge, tell me!" I insisted. I wanted to know.
"Okay, I'll tell you! They didn't have doctor perform the procedure... A vet did it." The bat hesitantly told me, knowing that what she had said would make me angry.
I stopped in my tracks. Speechless.
"A vet? A frigging vet?! They couldn't even give Shadow the decency to call for a doctor?!" I yelled at her, shocked beyond believe as her words sunk in. Shadow was always being used. He knew that. And when they use him to bring me back from the dead they couldn't even give him the dignity he deserves while they inseminated him half against his will?! They couldn't even do it for me?
"Sonic, please, calm down." Rouge tried to calm me down, but it wasn't working as well as she would've hoped.
"Who was in charge of this?" I asked, my hands tightening into fists.
Once more Rouge was hesitant of speaking, looking around her. What was up with everyone lately? Mom was scared to talk to me too. What got Rouge so nervous to talk to me about this? Was she scared for me? For Shadow? For herself?
"Just tell me, Rouge!" I shouted at her again, Shadow's temper rubbing off on me after the nine months I spend growing in him.
Rouge sighed. She knew I wasn't going to leave this alone if she didn't tell me the truth.
"It was Sally, okay? The whole reason why Shadow and Sally have this thing going on is because Sally has been hurting him alot during his pregnancy. I can't tell you anymore. All I can say is that alot happened between your death and now. Just don't believe Sally. She's beeing trying to taint Shadow's name ever since he got pregnant. It just got less subtle after he gave birth." The white bat told me before she left me here on my own, taking of with her wings. She didn't want to be interrogated any longer.
"What? Sally? I know that she's been acting strange ever since I got back, but to think that she's the one making Shadow's life difficult is... unbelievable... I... Rouge, Wait!" I called after the bat as she just flew off.
I sighed. I wanted to know more, but it doesn't seem like I'll be getting the answers I want from Rouge. I guess I'll have to search for them somewhere else. Maybe I should go ask Shadow next time I visit him. Tomorrow he should be feeling a little better.
I looked behind me to see who was calling me, but all I saw was a street that was slowly running low on other pedestrians. None of these people was someone I recognised.
Strange. Did I just imagine it? I'm pretty sure I heard this voice that sounded kind of sad and desperate. I didn't see anyone who might need my help, though. I guess I really did just imagine it.
I let myself relax and resumed my way home, biting back the urge to sigh once more. I was tired. I wanted to go home and just try to process all that had happened today. Maybe once I've wrapped my head around Shadow being my mother it'll be easier for me to talk to him about this.
With my hands in my pockets I walked away, through my growing drowsiness I had been unable to notice the chipmunk that had been listening to the conversation between Rouge and I and watched me with sad eyes.

Shadow's POV

I was troubled.
It wasn't because I was still in the hospital or because I was still feeling very tired, although neither one of those helped in the least.
I felt troubled because I thought I heard Sonic calm me 'mom' yesterday. Sure, I was drowsy, but I'm certain he called me his mom when he left. Well, I'm almost certain. I was growing more doubtful too.
I wanted to ask Sonic next time I see him, but I was actually nervous to bring the subject up. What if I had just imagined it and Sonic really hadn't called me 'mom'? Not only would I look like a fool, but I might possibly scare Sonic away. The latter was the last thing I wanted right now. I wanted to be more than just a rival to him and creeping him out was not the way to go about it.
"How are you feeling?" A nurse asked as she came walking into the room, platter with my breakfast in her hands.
"I'm feeling okay." I answered as I tried to sit up straight, the nurse helped by elevating the upper part of the bed.
"Well, you look better then yesterday too." She responded back as she handed me my breakfast before checking out the IV that still stuck to my hand.
The breakfast was your typical hospital morning meal. A platter with two slices of bread on a plate, strawberry jam, butter and a drink that was either orange juice, milk, coffee, tea or just plain water. In my case it was orange juice.
I smeared the jam and butter on the bread before digging into my breakfast. Meanwhile the nurse finished up whatever she had set out to do and wished me 'goodbye' before leaving, most likely only returning when my empty platter needs to be taken back to the kitchen.
I ate my breakfast quietly, my eyes occasionally glancing at the television. There wasn't anything interesting on, but it beats sitting here and eating in complete silence. It was just commercials right now. The show that was actually on was one of those soaps. It was cheesy as heck, but it was the only show that had managed to keep my attention so far.
If I didn't have the tv to concentrate on, I'd probably be staring at the door for hours until Sonic came to visit me. I know that he must be coming today. There was alot we needed to talk about, alot that he needed to know, so many things I wanted to tell him.
"Good morning, hun. Glad to see you in bed for once!" Rouge greeted as she entered the room, slipping her purse off her shoulder.
"Nice to see you too, Rouge." I greeted her back just as I finished the last of my meal, placing the plastic platter on the nighstand.
"So how are you doing today, hun? Has Sonic come by today yet?" She asked as she sat down on the chair standing not too far from the bed, leaving her purse on the ground near the chair's leg.
"Fine and no, he hasn't been here yet. I do hope to see him again t-" My sentence was cut short as one hand came to rest on my chest.
I felt weird and it wasn't the good kind of weird.
"Hun? Shadow?" Rouge called me name, growing more and more concerned.
"I... I... What's.. My chest..." I barely managed to speak, hunching forward as both of my hands grabbed for my chest.
It hurts. It hurts so bad. What's going on? Why is my chest burning so much. I can't breath either. Every breath I took felt like fire spreading through my lungs, no oxygen got inside.
"Oh... Oh God... Shadow, I'll- I'll go get a doctor." My partner began to panic, something she didn't easily do, and jumped up from her seat to run out into the hallway, screaming bloody murder for a doctor.
The burning pain spread to the entirety of my abdomen, one arm wrapping around it. I winced and groaned as the pain worsened, whines even leaving my vocals as tears gathered and threatened to escape.
It spread through my limbs and head and soon enough it felt like every inch of me was on fire. My muscles began contracting and tremble uncontrollably.
What the hell was going on?!
My upper body fell back on the body as it trembled and it muscles contracted painfully like I was heaving a seizure.
I was staring up at the ceiling, not really registering anything anymore, my jaws clamping down on eachother when what I really wanted to do was call out for help.
The lack of oxygen in my lungs was finally taking its toll. My vision was growing blurry and dark and I was starting to lose all feeling in my body.
By the time the doctor arrived, I had fallen unconcious and the heart monitor I was hooked onto flatlined.

Sonic's POV

The next day I woke up early in the morning, planning on getting ready and leave for the hospital early today. I jumped out of bed, took a quick shower, got dressed and went into the kitchen for a quick breakfast that only existed out of some cereal and milk before I walked out the door.
I took my time getting there instead of using my speed to get there in under a minute. The reason for that was because I wanted to take the time to think over what I could possibly say. I'm sure that Shadow must've heard me call him 'mom'. If I didn't, I still wanted to bring the matter up. Sure, it wasn't as spontaneous as yesterday when I left, but it would work just fine.
I'm sure Shadow wouldn't mind it if I called him that. Well, almost certain. Not to mention that I had to get used to it myself. I just kind of forced it out because I wanted to hear the sound of it when I used it for my ex-rival. I need to get used to it, but I couldn't say I didn't like it.
Besides that there were some other things I wanted to talk and question about. For example what happened between the now and my last battle, what would happen next and some other things.
I arrived at the hospital close to ten minutes after leaving my home, much longer then when I decided to run to my destination. I was actually surprised as I had barely noticed the time fly by, too deep in thought to know.
After entering the building, I went straight to Shadow's room since I already knew where it was, taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
As I got to the right level, I passed a sobbing Rouge in the waiting room. I stared at her for just a moment, worry and fear tugging on my heart. My speed picked up as I ran towards the hedgehog's room.
When I got to the room, I was just in time to hear the doctor pronounce Shadow dead at 8:35 in the morning. The hedgehog himself was staring up at the ceiling with dull, empty eyes, his hospital robe ripped open in a hurry to defibrillate his heart. The heart monitor showing only flat lines before turning off.
I could only stare at the lifeless body in shock as the truth of the situation sunk in.
Who Knew: Chapter 45
Just one more chapter and this story is officially longer than 'New Student'. :3
Also, yay! I'm getting back to regular updating! :D


PS, I'll be putting this story on FF.Net soon.
PS PS, I'm thinking of doing a sequel for 'Accidents Happen'.
PS PS PS, I was supposed to tell you guys something else, but I completely forgot what.
Anyone watching the Eurovision Song Conest 2015? :3
Yeah, you read that right. In America Sonic Boom is on hiatus! Again! Apparently it's supposed to be this summer hiatus, but seriously, this is the second hiatus in just one season! 26 episodes of less than 15 minutes per episode and already a second hiatus!
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